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Aims and background of the Conference

With registrants from 48 countries having provided glowing evaluations for last year’s 2017 FRMC, the 2018 FRMC promises to be even more comprehensive, more challenging to often widely held believes and practice patterns, and even more up-to-date in presenting important new scientific accomplishments in the laboratory with translational potential, which hold promise to affect clinical practice.

At greatly discounted hotel costs in the center of Manhattan, the Conference also again offers a unique opportunity to visit New York City in the very popular pre-Christmas season.

With the principal goal of the FRMC since its inception having been to present a very different learning experience from other conferences in the field, this year’s event, even more so, places emphasis on inducing the audience to “think differently”. Post-conference surveys in prior years demonstrated evidence for truly unprecedented degrees of practice adjustments made by audience members based on the paradigm changes discussed during the FRMC. In addition, we were pleased to hear that discussions between attendees lead to a number of new research collaborations.

As introduced last year for the first time, the FRMC also offers again a session on the “most interesting presentations” given at the annual meetings of ESHRE and ASRM. We are looking forward to welcoming you in New York City.